Dollar Tree Lighted Pumpkin DIY

Dollar Tree Lighted Pumpkin DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Mama Can Make It


This beautiful dollar tree lighted pumpkin DIY by Mama Can Make It is the perfect decoration for this fall season. The red and white led lights surely grab everyone’s attention at night. Who would’ve thought these decor pieces are super easy and cheap to make? It’s a fun craft to do with your friends and family. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • Dollar Tree large fish bowl vase
  • Dollar Tree small fish bowl vase
  • pair of scissors
  • jute cord
  • hot glue
  • lighter (optional, be extra careful when using this)
  • Dollar Tree fall leaves
  • Dollar Tree wired jute cord
  • Dollar Tree white and red led string lights


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Step 1:

Remove the labels from the vases. Start with the large vase and flip it upside down. Put hot glue at the center of the bottom of the vase and attach the end of the jute cord. Wrap it around the pumpkin 5 times in different directions to make 6 sections. Make sure to glue the jute cord to the same area in the center for each wrap.

Step 2:

Create the pumpkin stem using the same jute cord. Start in the middle where all of them are crossed in the middle and wrap it around in a circle. Secure it in place using hot glue then start making the stem by gluing it around until you have your preferred height. Once you are happy with the length of the stem, put hot glue in the center and tuck the cut end. Move the sections around to make the sections evenly spaced. Use some hot glue to secure them in place. Repeat the same process with the smaller vase.

Dollar Tree Lighted Pumpkins DIY Tutorial
Image by: Mama Can Make It


Step 3:

This step is optional. Take the lighter and burn off the fuzzy pieces of the jute. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 4:

Cut the leaves from the stems and glue two of them in different sizes to the sides of the stems. Make the curly tendrils from the wired jute cord by wrapping it around a pencil and gluing it in place.

Dollar Tree Lighted Pumpkins DIY Craft
Image by: Mama Can Make It


Step 5:

Put the white led lights inside the small pumpkin and the red led lights on the bigger pumpkin.


Dollar Tree Lighted Pumpkins DIY

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