Dollar Tree Fall Lantern DIY

Dollar Tree Fall Lantern DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Rebecca, Stu & The Crew


Make a beautiful porch or living room decor with this creative Dollar Tree fall lantern DIY tutorial by Rebecca, Stu & The Crew on youtube. This is one of the craft ideas for autumn that looks intimidating but is actually easy to create! I am sure you’ll love creating this awesome project. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • Dollar Tree LED Halloween lantern
  • Dollar Tree skull with stand
  • Dollar Tree chopping mat
  • berries on the vine
  • faux flowers
  • crafter square wood circles
  • 1 napkin ring
  • bamboo wreath
  • twine
  • antique wax (Walmart)
  • spray paint (Walmart)
  • wooden chess piece
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • brush
  • cutter
  • miniature pumpkin
  • fix all adhesive
  • hot glue


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Step 1:

Disassemble the LED Halloween lantern then remove the vellum cover and candle. Next, remove the skull from the stand. Spray paint these items with two coats: lantern frame, top of the lantern, stand of the skull, and wooden chess piece.  Let them dry.

Dollar Tree Fall Lantern DIY Project
Image by: Rebecca, Stu & The Crew


Step 2:

Take the vellum cover and trace it on the chopping mat. Cut it carefully using a pair of scissors. Take a straight edge and razor to make some score marks on the corners. Just follow the pattern of the original one. Fold it over gently to make a crease. Add some hot glue to the ends to secure them.

Step 3:

Insert the faux glass on the lantern frame and flip it over to put back the candle. Next, put the top back on.

Step 4:

Put some hot glue and fix all adhesive to the chess piece and insert it upside down on the stand. Next, hot glue the napkin ring at the bottom of the lantern.

Step 5:

Cut the bamboo wreath apart to make a tiny one. Wrap the floral wire around to secure. Next, wrap the berries on the vine around the small wreath in a diagonal pattern. Take more of the berries on the vine and wrap them around diagonally on the stand all the way down to the bottom. Then take another one and wrap it around the lantern from the handle to the napkin ring.

Dollar Tree Fall Lantern DIY Tutorial
Image by: Rebecca, Stu & The Crew


Step 6:

Cut the faux leaves a little bit smaller and glue them on the vines. Next, glue the faux flowers, seeds, and small pumpkins to the stand and vines. Put a small twine bow at the bottom of the stand. Glue the stand to a circle of wood and paint it with antique wax.

Dollar Tree Fall Lantern DIY

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