These Easy Doily Lanterns Are Gorgeous but So Easy You Can't Make Just One

These Easy Doily Lanterns Are Gorgeous but So Easy You Can’t Make Just One

These Easy Doily Lanterns Are Gorgeous but So Easy You Can’t Make Just One | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Doilies have been on my mind a lot lately. maybe it’s because the universe seems to be hiding them from me at all my local thrift stores. I just keep seeing project after project with these lovely pieces of granny chicness! Maybe it is because I have a small box of my aunt’s vintage doilies in a box and have been saving them for the right project but have not yet found it. I had not found a cool but doable doily craft idea until now, that is. These shabby chic lace lanterns are the way to go when you want to make something rustic and romantic with doilies. Add a few to your bedside table or mantle to instantly add some creative charm and ambient lighting. These are so easy to make, you are going to find it hard to make just one. See how many you can make in an hour, I dare you. I now have three but am definitely going to be making more of these for Christmas gifts.


So go find some doilies, raid your granny’s linen closet, your local thrift shop, flea markets, Michael’s, doesn’t matter where you find them just get some and start creating! Cover your furniture, your home decor, your clothes, your soaps! Just use those lacy pieces of goodness. I promise it’ll brighten up your day and add a smile to your face!

Need wedding decor ideas? Lace is the ultimate in romance and femininity. It immediately brings to mind a demure, vintage wedding gown, an antique bridal veil, a fabulous train.

But lace doilies as wedding table decor? Absolutely! See how lace doily candle holders bring that air of romantic elegance to your table display. Their effect is so captivating, you’d be surprised at how affordable and easy they are to make.

Watch how RenierRainyDay makes these exquisite doily lanterns in her step-by-step tutorial below, and be prepared to surprise your guests!

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