5 DIY Ways to Alter a Boring Sweatshirt

5 DIY Ways to Alter a Boring Sweatshirt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: The DIY Designer on Youtube


I personally love to customize my sweatshirts into the style that screams me. It just makes it more sentimental. So, here I had a bunch of thrifted sweatshirts and wondered what to do with them. It’s a great thing I found The DIY Designer’s account on YouTube, where she shares different ways to upcycle boring sweatshirts. Her style has always suited my taste. It was like the perfect match!



  • Pins
  • Tie-dye cutout sweatshirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Scissors
  • Cloth iron
  • Ironing mat
  • Iron on rhinestone patches
  • Fabric tack


Tie-dye cutout sweatshirt

It is best to choose a loose-fitting sweatshirt.  To adjust the shoulder fit of the sweatshirt, use pins to mark the area you want to adjust.  Carefully cut the sweatshirt into a slope of about 1 ½ to 2 inches. Then they cut right back up.

Wear the shirt to know if it needs more adjusting or is just right. If you need more adjusting, use pins to mark the areas and precisely cut in layers.

how to alter your boring sweatshirt
Image credit: The DIY Designer on Youtube

Sew in place.

For the hem adjustments, fold the hem at whatever height you want to adjust it. Pin it into place. When sewing, it is essential to start the needle right where the seam already exists. Sew around, following the existing seam.

Try the shirt on to know if the fit is just right. Then, cut off the excess fabric but leave a half-inch seam allowance.

Time to iron! When it comes to ironing, make sure to push the seam allowance up while pressing to press out the built-up gatherings of the fabric.

Sweatshirt with rhinestone stars

Start by unpacking the patches from their packaging. To precisely balance the cut of your sweatshirt, fold the sweatshirt on its side and cut. Place the rhinestones as per your design. Be as creative as you are!

This time, use fabric tacks to place your rhinestones instead of pins.

Flip the sweatshirt inside out and start ironing from the back. Using this method will stimulate the glue on the rhinestones’ backs to stick more firmly to the fabric. Flip the shirt back to its right side.

diy tutorial to alter sweatshirt
Image credit: The DIY Designer on Youtube

Lastly, to fit the whole aesthetic, shred out the bottom of the sweatshirt that you’ve cut. You can also cut off the sweatshirt’s cuff and shred it to match.

5 DIY Ways to Alter a Boring Sweatshirt

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