DIY Waterfall Flower Garden

DIY Waterfall Flower Garden | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Balcony & Garden via Youtube


This DIY waterfall flower garden by Balcony & Garden instantly caught my attention when I was looking for projects for my outdoor space. Isn’t this beautiful? It definitely looks like it came out of a fairy tale! I was so happy when I saw it that I immediately gathered all the materials needed. This will surely be a talking point in my neighborhood.



  • large plastic bottles
  • blade
  • marker
  • paper
  • flat head screwdriver (use this to create holes)
  • zip ties
  • bendable metal rod
  • plastic bowl
  • soil
  • screws
  • portulaca or moss rose


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Step 1:

Set aside one bottle, then remove the top and bottom of the remaining ones using a blade. Be careful when doing this, as you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Step 2:

On a very large piece of paper, draw a big curve. This will be your pattern. Lay it on your workspace.

Step 3:

Link two bottles and make pair of holes around the attachment part using a flathead screwdriver. Insert the zip ties into the pair of holes to secure the bottles.

Step 4:

Continue linking the other bottles and tieing them with zip ties. Make sure to follow the pattern. You can cut the bottles smaller so you can easily follow the curve. For the last piece, use the bottom part of the reserved bottle. Use the top part at the start of the curve but do not attach it yet.

Step 5:

Cut all the excess zip ties, then make a pair of holes along the curve. Insert zip ties and attach the bendable metal rod. Be sure to make an allowance on the bottom part as you will attach it to the wall.

DIY Waterfall Flower Garden Tutorial
Image by Balcony & Garden via Youtube


Step 6:

Make small holes around and at the bottom of the plastic bowl. Do the same with the curved bottles.

Step 7:

Fill the curved bottle with soil, then close it with the top part of the plastic bottle. Attach the plastic bowl to the end of the curve.

Step 8:

Drill holes in your wall and attach the metal rod and the bowl in a slanted position.

DIY Waterfall Flower Garden Project
Image by Balcony & Garden via Youtube


Step 9:

Bury the other end to the ground and fill the bowl with soil.

Step 10:

Plant stems of the moss rose plant on the bowl, holes on the plastic bottles, and the ground.

Step 11:

Water it and take care of the plant until the flowers bloom.



DIY Waterfall Flower Garden

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