DIY Valentine’s Day “Sweetheart” Table Runner

DIY Valentine’s Day “Sweetheart” Table Runner | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Jordan Fabrics on Youtube


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Already, I can feel hearts fluttering around everywhere I go, reminding me of how powerful love is. It might be coming from self-love, a lover, friends, or family. It reminds us that life and love are fleeting and that we should cherish every moment. Jordan Fabrics on YouTube shares with us this Valentine’s Day “Sweetheart” table runner that suits the occasion.



  • 5 light Valentine fabrics
  • 12 dark valentine fabrics  
  • Ironing board
  • Clothing iron
  • Rotary cutter
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


Prepare all the needed materials.

steps to make a valentines table runner
Image credit: Jordan Fabrics on Youtube

Group your fabrics into 3 groups with similar designs. One group is 5-inch squares. The second is 4 5/8-inch squares.

Check out this website for the pattern cuts:

Assort each pattern cut with markings. Mark the backs of all the 5-inch square fabrics into half-square triangles.

Match each 5-inch square of fabric into pairs and sew each pair. You can also chain sew everything to make it easier and then cut each pair when done. Press each point neatly with a clothing iron. Using a rotary cutter, cut right along the marked line to make two half-square triangles from different pairs. Neatly iron the seam allowance of the half-square triangles and stack all the pairs on top of each other.

Layout all the other 5-inch fabrics and distribute the smaller squares with which pairs they match.  Lay 2 small squares on one corner of the fabric facing the right side down as so. Then, sew on the diagonal. Fold each corner and neatly iron each diagonal.

When done, lift up the top piece on the diagonal and trim the back 2 pieces of fabric, leaving a quarter seam allowance. Shape four squares of the recently cut fabric into a heart shape. Repeat with the rest and sew them together. When done, iron out each heart shape of quilt block fabric.

how to sew a valentines heart table runner
Image credit: Jordan Fabrics on Youtube

Lay the heart-shaped block fabrics on top of the border pieces as shown or depending on your preference.

Sew everything together.

DIY Valentine’s Day “Sweetheart” Table Runner

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