DIY Tulip Carrot Spring Decor

DIY Tulip Carrot Spring Decor | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Let’s get creative via Youtube


Winter is coming to an end which means it’s time for warmer weather. Welcome the season of flowers with this DIY tulip carrot spring decor by Let’s get creative on Youtube. This door decoration will surely catch a lot of attention from your neighbors. It’s one of the prettiest carrot designs I have ever seen, and it’s made of orange tulips. How creative is this small project? I am sure you’ll enjoy making this at home. Learn the instructions by watching the video below.



  • three branches of orange tulips
  • rabbit foot fern stems
  • green burlap ribbon
  • scissors
  • green wire
  • pliers
  • burlap


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Step 1:

Start by putting the stem of one tulip parallel to the ribbon and wrapping a green wire around it to keep it in place. Do not cut the wire. Next, add two tulips but move them in. They should not be leveled with the first one. Secure them by wrapping the wire again.

DIY Tulip Carrot Spring Decor Tutorial
Image by Let’s get creative via Youtube


Step 2:

Add four tulips and wind the green wire around the burlap. Keep working your way up. Adding more tulips after each layer to form it into a carrot shape. Just wrap the green wire around each layer. You can adjust them by pulling them down a little bit.

Step 3:

Get the rabbit foot fern stems and place them on the top of the carrot with the leaves pointing in the other direction. Wrap it with the green wire again. Once you are done, cut it using pliers. Twist it then stick the end under one of the stems.

DIY Tulip Carrot Spring Decor Project
Image by Let’s get creative via Youtube


Step 4:

Make a big bow using the burlap, then cut it. Place it using the green wire.

Step 5:

Make a handle on the green burlap by folding it and tieing a knot. Now, you can cut the burlap and hang it on your door.


DIY Tulip Carrot Spring Decor

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