Never Buy Another Gift Box. Learn How To Make Your Own Instead…

Never Buy Another Gift Box. Learn How To Make Your Own Instead… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Not only do I love giving gifts, I also love wrapping gifts. I’m always surprised when people have wonderful gifts that are wrapped poorly. Just putting in a little effort and imagination can make a huge difference in your presentation!

Wrapping paper is so overpriced. It’s paper. There’s no reason it should be so expensive. And there’s really no reason you should buy it because you can make your own much cuter gift wrap at home.


This is a perfect example of what you can do when you have small things to wrap and you’ll be doing our earth a favor by recycling toilet paper rolls.

For this past Valentine’s Day I made cute little boxes out of toilet paper roll tube and they were the perfect way to spread a bit of love on the special day! They can be filled with candy, a love note, and and smaller gifts! They only take about ten minutes to make and you only need an empty toilet paper tube, a strip of cute scrapbook paper, and some string!

If you’re worried about using a toilet paper tube for this project, you can cut an empty paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube down to the correct size, or make a similarly sized tube out of card stock and start with that instead!

This is a great thing to show your kids so they’ll have some tips for wrapping presents too!

Watch how Red Ted Art makes these in her step by step tutorial!


Photo Credit: Postris

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