After Watching What She Does With A Light Bulb, You’ll Want To Try This Immediately!

After Watching What She Does With A Light Bulb, You’ll Want To Try This Immediately! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

What if I told you that you could make a really cool home decor accessory that would light up a room and also contain something living at the same time? I flipped when I saw this awesome DIY project! I’d never seen anything like this and had to have one for my living room…immediately!


Light bulbs, mason jars, cake stands and tea pots: practically any clear glass container can contain a tiny greenhouse, providing humidity and warmth to plants. Whether you keep it simple with moss and a few cute figurines or combine miniature landscapes with tropical plants, terrariums bring a touch of nature indoors and one of the neatest things I’ve seen a terrarium contained in is this stunning table lamp!

Many mason jars are just too pretty to toss into the recycling bin, and why should you when they have so many uses? Clean out a used jar and simply add stones, soil, plants and any little figurines you may want to include. You can use any glass container you wish…depending on the size of the lamp you want.

Now you can combine two functions in one with a terrarium lamp!  You can easily create a DIY version with your own mason jar using an adapter kit. When I made mine I used a fluorescent light bulb in mine so that the plants would get their adequate share of light and thrive really well. It is so beautiful sitting on my end table…I just love it!

Watch how Live Your Style makes this cool lamp in her step by step tutorial!



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