She Upcycles Her T-Shirts And Shows Us How To Do 5 Different Great Vintage T-Shirt Designs (Easy!)

She Upcycles Her T-Shirts And Shows Us How To Do 5 Different Great Vintage T-Shirt Designs (Easy!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Don’t throw or give away the T-shirts in your closet. Here you can find some crafty ideas to restyle them.


We are certain that you know that awkward moment when you meet girls on the street that wear some article of clothing that’s identical to what you have on. Thanks to all the DIY projects that people share, now this moment can fade into the past, for all of us can make our own design with our clothes, and more than not, without having any sewing skills.

Regular T-shirts can be boring and unflattering. Many stores sell shirts like these and most of them are expensive. If you have old t-shirts lying around that need to either get thrown out, it’s a good time to redesign your t-shirt yourself. All you need is just scissors and imagination, although some of these take fabric glue or you can sew them instead. Check out these DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas for gals and get inspired to turn your old shirt in a new fashionable piece.

Fashion is all about taking risks, but there are some trends that just sound scary.

Turns out, cut out t-shirts fashion has been evolving ever since it made waves a few years back during a New York Fashion Week show. The style was a bit darker and grungier then, but now the shredded trend has become classier. It’s about being edgy and demure at the same time.

Here are five easy DIY’s to spruce up the clothes you’ve already got without spending any money!

Watch how Kallie Kaiser makes these cool t-shirts in her step by step tutorial!





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