She Makes Super Hero’s Mason Jar Piggy Banks That Kids Will Love!

She Makes Super Hero’s Mason Jar Piggy Banks That Kids Will Love! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

For the Super Hero, Avengers, Marvel Comics fans in your life, these piggy bank coin jars are a perfect addition to for your Super Hero fan’s collection that will be enjoyed for years to come.


Do your children receive a weekly allowance? My grandson’s parent haven’t implemented one yet, but made one of these for my grandsons. They’ve grown increasingly interested in money. They have figured out that Mommy and Daddy earn money through work, and that money pays for our needs and wants.

They receive a weekly allowance and this is a hands-on opportunity for them to learn about saving, giving, and spending. In the meantime, they’ve been saving pennies from in-between the couch cushions and can now put them in adorable these Mason Jar Super Hero Banks! 

DIY-ish shows us how she does these awesome Mason Jar piggy banks by first tracing the symbol she wants to put on them, with a marker. Then she paints her solid color with paint for glass.

When I made one of these for my Grandsons, I used spray paint and taped the cut out emblem on the jar first. Then I used a stencil technique to paint the emblem on the jar.  He loves it and immediately put his “stash” of money it it! LOL!

Watch how DIY-ish does these in their step by step tutorial and get your kids busy saving money!





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