How to Make Sock Gnomes | Step by Step Youtube Tutorial

Learn To Make DIY Sock Gnome

Learn To Make DIY Sock Gnome | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Ever heard of sock gnomes? We just learned how to make a sock gnome over Thanksgiving break, and I am going to have an entire family of these adorable gnomes come Christmas. So much fun to make, easy to do and they all turn out differently but super cute.


My children and I get very bored over the holidays and things can easily go haywire at a moment’s notice, so to keep everyone on track, I keep boxes of projects that I can pull out and put in the middle of the table and seat them quietly all round to focus their attention on their own creative spirit. I keep a few boxes of sock projects on hand and one of my favorites is the DIY Sock Gnome. This is such a cute, fun project, everyone from old to young love it. You get started by simply filling a sock with rice and tie it off, then squeeze the top part together, making a head for the adorable Christmas Gnome. I first started by cutting my sock in half and filling it with rice, I used about 2 cups of rice. You can use Poly-Pellets from JoAnn’s or Michael’s Craft Store for about $6.00. If you are worried about Weevils, you can freeze your rice for about 24 hours beforehand.

How to make a cheap DIY Sock Gnome from Dollar Tree items

Then you just secure the top with a rubber band then make a nose with another rubber band forming nostrils. Small ponytail rubber bands are best.

Cheap and Easy Holiday Decor Projects - How to Make A Sock Gnome - Quick Christmas Crafts

I bought some small fur pieces from JoAnn’s and cut a small 3 x 3 square out of it, then cut a small U shape in the top middle to fit under the nose.

Sock Gnome Youtube Tutorial - Video Instructions for Making Sock Gnomes

Then I just added a fuffy, plush, decorative sock to the top t serve as a hat. You can further decorate the hat with candy canes or flowers or whatever strikes your fancy. This is a great DIY holiday decor project for kids and adults alike. When it comes to inexpensive but cute crafts to make for Christmas decorating, these sock gnomes are my absolute favorite this year. We have five now, and each one is so unique and different, impossible to decide which one is the cutest.

how to make sock gnomes - pinterest Christmas crafts - easy DIY holiday decor idea

How To Make Sock Gnomes

how to make sock gnomes - pinterest Christmas crafts - easy DIY holiday decor idea

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