DIY Sewing Tote Bag For Beginners

DIY Sewing Tote Bag For Beginners | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: DIY Today's Sewing & Embroidery via Youtube


Tote bags are in trend now, especially for those people who opt for a minimalist approach to fashion. But whether you’re a minimalist or just don’t care for this kind of thing, I’m sure you also find tote bags easily matched with everything. This tote bag tutorial from DIY Today’s Sewing and Embroidery on Youtube is easy and beginner-friendly. You don’t have to buy tote bags anymore – just make one in the comforts of your own home. Learn this by following the tutorial below.



  • fabrics
  • sewing thread (cotton or polyester thread)
  • ruler
  • clips
  • heat erasable fabric pen
  • sewing scissor
  • fabric scissor
  • pins
  • safety pins


Step 1

First, make the outer layer of the bag. Cut a 22-inch in length and 16-in width piece of fabric (two pieces of this). Sew around the edges, leaving one of the 16-inch sides open. Turn the sewn fabric inside out and sew again on the edges where you sew earlier. Turn it inside out again. Next, make the handles. Cut two pieces of 43-inch in length and 4-inch in width of fabric in the same pattern. Fold the handles in half, then iron them to flatten them out. After this, sew both side edges of the handles. Attach each handle to the bag temporarily using clips to adjust the placement, then sew them.

The measurement for the body of the tote bag
Image credits: DIY Today’s Sewing & Embroidery via Youtube


Step 2

Moving on with the pockets. Cut an 11-inch in length and 8-inch in width piece of fabric in the same pattern. Turn the fabric on the wrong side, fold a 0.8-inch in width twice from the right edge of the fabric, clip it, then sew it. Next, fold the fabric again, including the sides, then sew it. After this, get the bag, turn it inside out, then attach the pocket to one of the sides of the bag. Fold the top edge of the bag and iron it. Sew this ironed part of the bag to the sewing machine. Lastly, turn the bag inside out and your tote bag is now finished.

Attaching the pocket inside the tote bag
Image credits: DIY Today’s Sewing & Embroidery via Youtube

DIY Sewing Tote Bag For Beginners

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