She Makes Some Unique Pillows That Resembles The Famous Scrabble Tiles!

She Makes Some Unique Pillows That Resembles The Famous Scrabble Tiles! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you enjoy playing Scrabble you will fall in love with this idea! You can choose any words you want to incorporate into your home decor. Some people do their initials!

I saw 4 of these pillows on Etsy and they spelled the word LOVE, but they also charged $100 for them. In this DIY tutorial you will learn how to make these yourself and save some money! Let’s face it, pillows aren’t that cheap.  Even inexpensive pillows aren’t that inexpensive, especially if you are looking for something that is a bit higher quality, interesting or even just cute.


I’m amazed at the DIY projects and ideas you can make with scrabble tiles. The list goes on and on. For instance, refrigerator magnets spelling out words, necklace pendants, Christmas ornaments, coasters, wall art, key chains with names, and some people even put these little jewels on stakes for their garden to label their herbs!

I made these 4 pillows for my sofa and just adore them! I spelled the word HOME like the featured photo in this post. I noticed on Pinterest that someone put three of these pillows on their bed and spelled out NAP….so cute and clever! So many great ideas for this project!

When friends or family come over, I always get questions about where I got my scrabble pillows. People just love them and, of course, I have to pass on this tutorial.

Watch how simpleDIYs makes these great pillows in their step by step tutorial so you can spell out your words in pillows!






Photo Credit: Dolled Up Design

A special thanks to Dolled Up Design for the use of their photo of their scrabble tile pillows. Make sure to check out their blog site for more fabulous ideas!

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