Watch How He Makes This Awesome Sandbox With Bench Seats!

Watch How He Makes This Awesome Sandbox With Bench Seats! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

My grandkids had outgrown the old sandbox. It’s only a few inches deep…allowing debris from the yard to constantly pour over the sides and into the sand. Since our 3 year-old spends hours in the sand each day, we decided it was time for an upgrade and a new type of adventure.


After seeing a really cool sandbox tutorial online, I made some measurements and went to work. The sandbox was easy, fairly cheap, and the finished project is super cool!

The great thing about the design for this sandbox is that the lid also serves as a bench. So when the sandbox is closed, it is closed tightly.

The old sandbox had a heavy, awkward lid that we stopped using, turning our sandbox into an occasional litter box– even though we don’t have cats. When you open the lid on the new sandbox, it folds back into a bench on either side, sturdy enough for us to sit on and watch our grandkids play. They always love it when we’re out there with them…it makes them feel special!

Every kid seems to love playing with sand. But an ordinary sandbox would easily cost you more than a hundred bucks on Amazon. So why spend the money when you can actually make one yourself? This is the perfect DIY project to make a sandbox for your kids. The design is really creative. It comes with the lids helps to keep everything clean. Then poof! When you open the lids, they become benches! Isn’t it cool?

Watch how Gilroy Vlogs makes this cool sandbox in his step by step tutorial and get ready to buy some sand!

Photo Credit: Mrs Happy Homemaker

A special thanks to Mrs Happy Homemaker for the use of her photo of the sandbox with bench seats.  Make sure to check out her blog site for more fabulous ideas!

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