She Recycles Bottles For A Brilliant Organizing Purpose (Easy!)

She Recycles Bottles For A Brilliant Organizing Purpose (Easy!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I was so relieved to find this tutorial because I always need more space for my makeup, yet still need easy access to it. This was a total game changer for me and it will be for you if any of you are in the same boat I was.


Makeup is one of the most important things for girls every day. There are so many things you need for our makeup process–makeup brushes for different usage, countless nail polishes with plenty of colors and lipsticks, etc. Keeping all of these beauty needs organized is never an easy job.

Here is a brilliant way to give them a new life as a simple but super beautiful storage for your makeup. Makeup can be so fun and very useful, but storing it is not as much fun. There are so many little things like lip gloss, mascara, cover up, lip stick, and q-tips that it can be nearly impossible to keep it all organized. Hopefully this DIY Plastic Bottle Organizer will help you out!

You can do basically the same DIY project with used candle holders, after cleaning them up really good. You can glue them together with E-6000 glue or another strong holding apoxy. Some people have even bought spray bottles at the dollar store and cut them for the same purpose…whatever it takes to do this that is the cheapest way, do it! I loved this, not only for the purpose, but because I could repurpose/recycle the bottles I had.

You’ll be so happy to have one of these…or a couple of them! So, watch how Ela Gale makes this cool and handy organizer in her step by step tutorial!


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