DIY No-Sew Quilted Picture Frame Ornament

DIY No-Sew Quilted Picture Frame Ornament | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Shabby Fabrics via YouTube


This DIY no-sew quilted picture frame ornament by Shabby Fabrics on YouTube only uses a styrofoam wreath, fabric, and pins which makes this Christmas project unique. It’s a simple project that you can work on with your family and kids. Also, you can use your own fabric instead of purchasing the items off their website. It blows my mind how easy this DIY is and can be made as a gift for your family and friends. My favorite part is how you can add a picture to this ornament, and it is a pretty big size ornament too. I think it would be special to make this and add family photos inside too. I’ve never seen this kind of ornament which is why I am stunned, and want to create a few.



  • 2½ inch fabric strips
  • 2 styrofoam 6-inch wreaths
  • Essential Gems Precut Strip
  • 6.5 inch Square Ruler
  • Satin Pins
  • Pins, Needles, and Clips
  • Steamfast Travel Iron
  • Gold ribbon or any color
  • Olfa Purple Rotary Cutter


First, pin together the 2 styrofoam 6-inch wreaths, and take your fabric and lay it down around. Secure the fabric down with pins on both sides. Make sure to pull it tight and snug.

How To Make a Quilted Picture Frame Ornament - No Sew Projects
Image by Shabby Fabrics via YouTube

Next, once the fabric around is secured, start adding the wreath part of the ornament. Take the 2 1/2″ fabric squares, fold it in half, and press down on top with a hot iron. Then, from the folded edges side, bring the flaps in, and press with the iron again. Continue to watch Shabby Fabrics tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Christmas DIY Craft - DIY Candle Holder - DIY Christmas Deco
Image by Shabby Fabrics via YouTube

Overall, this is a creative way to many a handmade ornament. I think this would be a great Christmas gift idea that can be used as a candle holder too. I love how you. can add more layers to make it denser and personalize it however you like.

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