Quilted Frogs Sewing Tutorial

Quilted Frogs Sewing Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

These are the cutest little frogs that the women of Fat Quarter make. They make great gifts for baby presents too! Although, I know many people, including myself that would swoon over these! Most of us love anything that is quilted.

Quilted pillows and animals bring about a bit of nostalgia in me. They add such a cozy feeling to a home and I happen to know because I have a few of them sitting around here and there. One of the things I can never have too many of!


And if you really want to make these sentimental, cut up some of your children’s clothing, that hold so many endearing memories, and make some of these darling frogs.

Children go through tons of clothes super quickly with inevitably a few items that will end up meaning more than the others because of how you remember your little one looking in it, or because something monumental happened while they were wearing them.

Therefore, if you’re into recycling and DIY ideas, this cute little DIY frog will show you you that you can turn your children’s clothing into toys they will love.

Watch how the ladies from Fat Quarter make these adorable frogs in their step by step tutorial.

How to Make Quilted Frogs



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