Roll Up Strips Of Old Jeans To Make This DIY Bag

Roll Up Strips Of Old Jeans To Make This DIY Bag | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Don’t you love when you have something that no one else has? This bag is definitely one of those things, and it’s perfect for the unique and patriotic crowd.

This caught my eye when I was searching through sewing tutorials and I fell in love with it! I made one of these bags for myself, and I never stop getting compliments on it! 


I’m planning to carry this on the 4th of July and Memorial Day.  It is so much fun and it looks great with jeans, white pants or a white skirt with a red or blue top!

Old denim has so many uses, but this is probably one of my favorite ways to use it to date. This bag is so stylish and different, and I feel so confident when I carry it!

I guess the feeling is mutual, because my daughter wants to carry this little bag all the time! It’s a struggle when I want to carry it and it’s not in my closet!

Luckily, we have plenty of old denim laying around, so I plan on making her her own bag and letting her help me for a fun mother daughter project.

I’ll probably end up making some bags with different prints with this idea. The friends that have complimented this bag will definitely be getting a variation of one of these for their birthdays!

Start gathering your old jeans so you can make one of these unique looking bags.  If you’re really feeling ambitious, you could make one (or several) to give as a gift like I am!

Watch how Debbie Shore makes this woven jeans bag in her step by step tutorial attached below.

DIY Purse From Old Jeans

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