She Winds And Curls These Paper Strips, But What Does She Put Them On? (WATCH!)

She Winds And Curls These Paper Strips, But What Does She Put Them On? (WATCH!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The Crafty Angels


Simply stunning and astonishingly BRILLIANT! These are so intricate looking, yet quite easy to make, but you wouldn’t think so by looking at them! I love the delicacy of these and I’m sure they fascinate you as well…this is why I’m sharing this with those who haven’t seen or done this craft project yet.


People have made all kinds of cool animals with this technique. I saw Peacocks and Owls on Pinterest…they are darling! If you can’t already tell, I’m really excited about this craft project!

Quilling is the art of rolling paper and it originated in the 16th century and there was  a surge of popularity with children and adults alike in the 1970s and ’80s.

Like so many crafts of the past, however, quilling mostly faded away. Thankfully, a few dedicated quillers continued to share their skills and now a new wave of quillers are bringing a fresh set of eyes (and fingers) to what is often thought of as a dated craft.

Once you conquer the basic skills, it is quite easy and enjoyable to make. Relatively new tools allow quillers to create a variety of new shapes and endless possibilities for putting shapes together. Additionally, quilled jewelry has the benefit of being a bit more of an “instant gratification” type of project since you can easily complete many designs in just a couple of hours.

Quilling projects are unlimited! People are doing bracelets, necklaces, mosaic pictures, ornaments, on wedding invitations, cards, 3-D pieces that are called “stacked quilling” and even candle holders!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can get started quilling!

Thanks to The Crafty Angels for the use of their beautiful photo of their paper quilled earrings. Make sure to check out their fabulous blog site!

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