How To Make A Pusheen Cat From Socks

How To Make A Pusheen Cat From Socks | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Creative DIY on Youtube


A Pusheen cat is a well-known trend these days. But what is a Pusheen cat? Pusheen is a female cartoon cat, famously known on Facebook as a sticker set. It was created by Clair Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip called Everyday Cute in 2010. Here, Creative DIY on YouTube shares with us how to make our very own Pusheen Cat from a sock. It is an adorable and easy tutorial that anyone can follow.



  • felt – black, dark grey (optional)
  • 1 grey sock (optional)
  • scissors
  • fabric glue
  • chalk or washable fabric pen for marking
  • polyester fiber filling/stuffing
  • thread – black or grey
  • sewing pins (optional)
  • needle


Prepare all the needed materials, and make sure to choose a sock color that you like!

diy pusheen cat materials
Image credit: Creative DIY on Youtube

Turn the sock inside out and lay it flat with the heel flap folded towards the direction of the toe. Using chalk or a washable fabric pen, outline the cat’s head and ears on the toe part of the sock.

Securely sew over the marked cat’s ears and head. Close the final stitch and cut the excess thread. Cut the excess part of the toe area, leaving an allowance from the stitching. Turn the sock right side out and pull out both ears’ tips.

Start by stuffing the inside of the sock with some polyester fiber filling. Cut the excess ends and sew a running stitch around them. Then, pull the thread to close the sock. Tuck the excess sock fabric inside and sew seamlessly.

Prepare the felt fabric and cut out a pair of eyes, two large stripes for the body, three small strips for the head, and four to five stripes for the tail.  Using fabric glue, stick the stripes and other cat parts to their respective places. Outline the cat’s mouth using the fabric pen and sew using backstitch over the outline.

steps to make diy pusheen cat
Image credit: Creative DIY on Youtube

Lastly, cut the cat’s whiskers out of the felt fabric and glue them in place.

How To Make A Pusheen Cat From Socks

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