She Brightens Up Her Decor With These Unbelievably Fabulous Pom Pom Pillows!

She Brightens Up Her Decor With These Unbelievably Fabulous Pom Pom Pillows! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re looking to add some color to your home, these colorful pom pom pillows will do just that. They add a great touch of whimsical uniqueness! What a great way to make a statement in your home!


In the tutorial, by Weekly Sewing Bee, she makes a cushion for her chair, but you can use the same technique to make pillows…or you may want to make a cushion!

Pom poms are incredibly easy to make and you can make them while you’re watching TV, waiting in a Doctors office, or where ever!

You can make these any color that will go with your decor. I happen to love bright colors so I made these like the photo in this post. I just love the cozy feel they add to my home!

This is a great DIY project to get your kids involved helping you with…it will go much faster. Kids love to feel like they’re helping out! Or, if you want to make it even easier you can buy some pom pom makers at the fabric or order one from Amazon.

This is a great project for using up leftover pieces of yarn that you have from other projects as well. In this tutorial, she sews the pom poms onto the pillow, but you can also use hot glue to attach the pom poms.

The Supplies:

  • 9-10 skeins of yarn — the chunkier the better
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Plain pillow case and pillow insert, or make your own pillow case using white fabric
  • Scissors

Watch how this gal with Weekly Sewing Bee makes this in her step by step tutorial!





Photo Credit: A Kailo Chic Life


A special thanks to A Kailo Chic Life for the use of the photo of their pom pom pillow.  Make sure to check out their awesome blog site for more fabulous ideas!

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