He Shows Us A Simple But Brilliant Idea For Preserving Your Phone Charger!

He Shows Us A Simple But Brilliant Idea For Preserving Your Phone Charger! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

So, how many phone chargers have you gone through since having your smart phone? I know I’ve gone through a bunch of them. Having a cat doesn’t help matters either. They have a tendency to think it’s a toy and somehow mine end up with little teeth marks in them and no longer work after my cat gets his teeth in it!


Whether you have pets that chew on yours or not, phone chargers are notoriously easy to break. Bryant Devon has a solution to this problem and he’s actually had a phone charger that still works after using it for a year…and it still works!

Not only does the embroidery floss he wraps around his cord protect it, but nowadays most phone chargers look the same, especially the ones with detachable USB cable for your computer. This can result in people losing theirs and thinking that someone else has taken it, with arguments to follow. Bryant has a solution: decorate the cables in different colors to avoid confusion!

I had this problem with my Granddaughter, when I was staying at her home. She thought my charger was hers and I knew it wasn’t, but she insisted it was hers. We went round and round until we found where she had left hers. No phone charger is safe in their home!

Watch how Bryant Devon does this in his step by step tutorial and get busy laying claim to your phone charger AND protecting it so it will last longer!

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