She Makes A Stunning And Classic Peter Pan Collar And You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!

She Makes A Stunning And Classic Peter Pan Collar And You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is the perfect accessory for your little black dress. It’s such a classic look…simple yet quite a statement in itself. I was pretty surprised after watching Laura with LaurDIY make this collar and how easy and quick it was for her to do! This is definitely right up my alley. Quick and easy!


I love that this collar is detachable and I can wear it with a multitude of outfits! I’ve not only made this with pearls, but I’ve made one with silver beads in different sizes and one with brightly colored glitter. I cannot tell you how much fun it is to wear these! I instantly had three new outfits when I made these. Accessories is everything in my book!

Here’s how to make this great collar:

  1. On paper draw a circle that is 61/2″ in diameter.
  2. Using a curved ruler draw the style edge of the collar with front collar 2 1/2″ thick and then tapering off toward the back to 1″ thick. Now cut out the pattern that you just made and make a cut in the center back portion of the collar.
  3. Pin your pattern to black felt
  4. Cut it out.
  5. Using transparent fabric glue paint the collar with fabric glue and then apply pearls or any type of beads or glitter that you choose.
  6. After the collar is dry attach two strands of ribbon either by sewing or by hot glue to each back piece of the collar. This will make it so the collar will tie in the back.

Watch Laura’s step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one of these right away!

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