She Makes This Amazing DIY Face Cream For Perfect Skin Results!

She Makes This Amazing DIY Face Cream For Perfect Skin Results! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you use a facial moisturizer on a regular basis, you know just how expensive these products can be. If you don’t use a facial moisturizer on a regular basis you don’t know what you’re missing. There’s a reason people (typically women) are willing to all but empty their wallets in order to obtain a tiny jar of cream. Luckily, that’s about to change. Say hello to homemade face moisturizer.


Homemade face moisturizer can be just as effective and luxurious as the products you buy at the store. Plus, homemade face moisturizer doesn’t contain all the unnatural ingredients your store bought product probably has. This recipe for homemade face moisturizer only contains 6 ingredients which are:

  • African Shea Butter
  • Tamanu Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Distilled Water

She says that you can use any oil that will suit your skin. This list is what she specifically uses and that’s what I did. It’s such a lovely face cream.

All of the ingredients in this homemade face moisturizer are awesome for your skin. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of these products…. Shea Butter repairs and boosts collagen. Avocado Oil moisturizes, softens, and has excellent anti-aging properties. Used for centuries in Asia and Europe, Sea Buckthorn Oil is gaining popularity in the United States due to its many benefits, particularly its potential anti-aging action. One of the other antioxidants in Macadamia Nut Oil (Squalene), is somewhat rare and has a particularly strong impact on our skin. Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant in our body, but adding more through macadamia nut oil can help reduce oxidative stress on the body’s fats and the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, age spots, slow healing rates, and other signs of aging.

Traditionally Tamanu Oil has been used to combat a whole range of skin problems and is highly beneficial as an:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory

Not only is this homemade face moisturizer awesome for you, it is super easy to make. In a few simple steps (one of which is adding the product to a Mason jar) you’ll have a spa worthy facial treatment.

Watch how Steph Arizona makes this fabulous facial cream in her step by step tutorial and watch the transformation in your skin!


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