DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons

DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Paper Luv


These DIY paper hot air balloons with clouds are one of the cutest art projects you can create at home. Imagine what a room will look like when filled with these lovely decorations. I am sure it will look beautiful! Learn how to make these through this tutorial by Paper Luv on Youtube. Read on or watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • colored cardstock
  • thin paper
  • hot glue
  • pair of scissors
  • brown cardstock
  • string
  • white cardstock


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Step 1:

Start by making teardrop-shaped papers using cardstock. Fold a rectangular piece in half then cut a curve that looks like half of a leaf to keep the symmetric shape. Make 3 pieces. Once done, fold each one in half. Put the pieces together by adding glue to the white part or the back of the paper. Glue the last piece and the first piece together. Now you have the balloon part.

DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons Tutorial
Image by: Paper Luv


Step 2:

Make some using thin paper. Cut the teardrop-shaped paper using the same process. You need 6 pieces of this. Once done, fold them in half then glue them together. Press all of the pieces together using one hand then add glue on the straight edge. Open it up and adjust the shape.

Step 3:

Next, make the baskets. Make a small cross with the same measurements for each side then turn it into a basket. Use a scoring tool to easily fold. Fold the cut out then glue. Make baskets for all the balloons.

DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons Project
Image by: Paper Luv


Step 4:

Insert the string in the middle then glue the baskets to the balloons.

Step 5:

Fold the white cardstock in half then draw the half shape of the cloud then cut. Make 3 pieces of the same pattern. Once done, fold the edges together then add glue. Open it and adjust the shape. Next, add the string to the middle. Make more of this with the same process.


DIY Paper Hot Air Balloons

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