DIY Pallet Doormat Made With Zipties

DIY Pallet Doormat Made With Zipties | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This will be a unique addition to your outside decor, and there are so many things you can do to personalize it, or just put some stain on it and it will still be striking in it’s natural state.


I’ve seen a lot of pallet wood door mats on Pinterest and different things people have done to them to make them their own style. They look great with designs or letters stenciled on them, painting different colors on each slat, or left simply in it’s natural state, for a more modern look.

Most of us love pallet wood because we can find it free in so many places. Doormats can be expensive and wear out fairly fast with all the use. Not with this pallet wood doormat. The longer you use it the better it looks with age.

I saw one of these on Etsy for $50 and you certainly don’t need to pay that kind of money to have one of these cool doormats! This is such a simple DIY project that is quick, easy and cheap!

I can’t tell you how many times I said early on this summer….I need something to stand on to wash my feet! When I come in the house from the garden I have to walk through the mudroom, through the dining room, and around to the bathroom with dirty feet to wash them off. I needed to be able to wash them off outside before I head in.

This little door mat solves the problem of getting clean feet before I come in the house. The water and the dirt can slip through the cracks so my feet get clean and dry before I head back inside. I just keep the mat right by the back door and I can head right in after my feet are cleaned. It makes for a great washing station!

Go get you a pallet and zip ties and watch this step by step tutorial by Mr DIY Dork so you can make one too!

DIY Pallet Wood Doormat Tutorial | Cheap Rustic Home Decor Projects Ideas

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