DIY Pallet Wine Rack With a Glass Holder

DIY Pallet Wine Rack With a Glass Holder | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Warren Nash


Learn how to make your own DIY pallet wine rack with a glass holder by following this awesome tutorial by Warren Nash on Youtube. This is the perfect project to repurpose pallets instead of just throwing them into the trash. The directions are clear and super easy to follow. It’s a fun activity to do in your spare time. Watch the video below for detailed instructions.



  • pallet
  • saw
  • dowels
  • meter tape
  • driller
  • screws
  • sandpaper or sander
  • stain (optional)


Step 1:

Take your pallet and lay it on the ground. Measure how tall you want your wine rack to be. Make sure you can remove the wine bottles. Mark the measurements on the three planks and cut using a saw.

Step 2:

Measure the area within where the bottles are standing and cut a piece of wood using the other pallet of this size. Check if it fits perfectly as this will be installed so the bottles won’t fall. Do this for both sides.

Step 3:

Measure the width of the piece you used for the shelf, in this case, 0.4 inches, then divide it by two. Mark the measurement on the front of the wine rack to screw the shelf into place. Do this by making preliminary drill holes using a countersink, so the screws sit flush in the wood. Screw it into place. Do this on several occasions on the front and back, as your rack will carry a lot of weight.

Step 4:

Make three supports running up the wine rack. Measure the length of the 3  planks (the sides and the middle). Cut these measurements from planks from the scrap pallet wood. Put them into place and check if it fits nicely. Secure them in place using dowels. Start by marking the center point at the end of your support planks. Then mark where this will sit on the wine rack where the supports need to go. With a drill bit with the same diameter as your dowels, drill downwards on the mark on the mark on the wine rack to a depth of about half of the dowel. Gently push one in the hole, and drill the mark on the support to just over half the depth of the dowel. Attach the support into place and gently hammer it down. Do this for all of the support.


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Step 5:

Fix them into place at the top using screws from the back. Ensure the supports are straight, then find the middle point on the back. Screw them from the back. Do this by making preliminary drill holes, then screwing into place all three supports.

Step 6:

For the top, cut wood to the exact measurements, but if you don’t have it in that size you can attach pieces of wood, then attach them using dowels and then screw them to the wine rack. Depending on the width of the planks of wood you’ve used, the support may stick out from the shelf. You can cut down the support, flush with the top shelf and partway then turn it into a curve. Cut down the support, until the end of the straight line and use a coping saw for the curve.

Make a Pallet Wine Rack With Glass Holder DIY
Image by: Warren Nash


Step 7:

Using a scrap piece of pallet, mark where you’d want your wine glasses to hang. Make sure there’s enough room at either end of the plank (for the supports), then measure a center line going down the length of the plank. Male a center point on each of the circles. Using a drill bit thicker than the stems of your wine glasses, drill on each center point along the plank. Draw a line from the edge of the plank to each edge hole you’ve drawn on the wood, and saw along each line until you reach a hole. These will be the slots for your wine glass. Make any minor adjustments if necessary. With scrap woods, make supports to attach the glass holder to the bottom of the wine rack.

Make a Pallet Wine Rack With Glass Holder Tutorial
Image by: Warren Nash


Step 8:

Drill a lot of holes in the wine rack so you can attach it to the wall. Sand all the way around and stain. Let it dry and make sure that your rack is structurally sound.



DIY Pallet Wine Rack With a Glass Holder

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