You’ve Gotta See This Hand Painted Story Telling Quilt!

You’ve Gotta See This Hand Painted Story Telling Quilt! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Quilt making is an art that spans multiple centuries and cultures, and these hand painted quilt blocks are something that are absolutely extraordinaire!


Combining quilt making, painting and story telling for an amazing looking quilt and for memories to be passed on throughout the years. Everyone has stories to tell from their own lives, but you can also choose to illustrate a story that you’ve read, or a story you’ve heard from a family member. Select a scene from that story that is meaningful to you.

I have always loved quilts that tell a story, but I hadn’t seen quilts that tell stories by painting the art for the stories! After seeing this tutorial I got so excited about it and decided to do a painting project with my grandchildren, with the goal of using their artwork in a quilt. We had the best time doing this and they were so excited that their artwork was going to be sewn into a quilt!

Nothing is more natural to human experience than story telling. A timeline is a unique way to tell your life story, or, like I did with my grandchildren, I let them tell their story and I will treasure my quilt as long as I live. My daughter will love to have this someday and she will get to do this same thing with her grandchildren!

Watch Blick Art Materials do this fabulous quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy writing your story!



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