Sewing Tutorial – Owl Pillows

Sewing Tutorial – Owl Pillows | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

OMG! This is so stinkin’ cute! I put the brakes on when I ran across this tutorial! You’ll definitely want to make more than one of these! Especially after everybody sees it sitting in your home….can we say future birthday gifts?


You can add all kinds of different fabrics and personalities to these little jewels. I’ve seen some amazing owls on Pinterest and they all look different. I’ll take one of each! Don’t get me started about Owls. I happen to have a fettish for the little critters! I even have an Exotic Shorthair cat that looks like an owl! Seriously!

I made a couple of these in coordinating fabrics for my bed and pulled some of the colors out of my comforter when I picked the fabrics, so it would compliment it! They are just too adorable!

Don’t you want to make a few of these? Each owl just takes on a personality of it’s own, so this is not boring or tedious sewing. It’s creative and very forgiving.

In her tutorial she gives you the option of sewing or not, but I chose to sew mine. They are so easy to make and I sew, so that worked better for me. I also used different fabrics for the front and the back to make it look more interesting. Check out The Eternal Thread on Pinterest to see some of the owls she makes. She adds all kinds of cute trims and finishes to give these little cuties more character!

We don’t know where it all began, and why millions of people went crazy over them, but one thing is for sure – owls are making their way into our homes and our hearts!  All of a sudden, this fluffy bird began appearing everywhere – perching on countless pendants and T-shirts. Now they are building comfortable nests in our bedrooms and living rooms, and there is no indication that they will fly off anytime soon.

What how DIYLover does this in her step by step tutorial and fill up your life with these colorful and lovable critters!


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