He Builds A Beautiful Bench Out Of An Old Bed And It’s Fabulous!

He Builds A Beautiful Bench Out Of An Old Bed And It’s Fabulous! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I saw an old bed at my local thrift store and practically knocked over an old man to get to it!  I had seen benches made out of old beds in various and sundry places and always wanted to make one. I’ve seen these made out of baby beds and they look just as awesome.

After finding a couple of tutorials online, I thought they looked easy enough to make, so it was on! I already had envisioned how it would look and I knew, once I had this bed safely tucked into the back of my truck, that I was going to paint it a beautiful turquoise color and make some colorful pillows to sit on it in my entryway.


I got started doing this right away because I couldn’t hardly wait to get it done! I hadn’t been that excited about a DIY project in a long time!

This wasn’t just a makeover but a complete DIY furniture transformation – repurposing and upcycling an old thing to give it a completely new life. What’s so awesome about transforming a piece of furniture this way is that first, you can do it yourself, and second, you can save a lot on a getting a unique piece of furniture for your home.

You can personalize this with your own style too! You can make it look rustic chic to traditional and classic, with as much whimsy and decor statement as you wish!

Watch how Stone and Sons transform this old bed in their step by step tutorial and you can make one too!







Photo Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

A special thanks to Pretty Handy Girl for the use of their photo of their headboard turned bench. Make sure to check out their blog site for more fabulous ideas!

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