DIY No-Sew Crystal Spider Web Costume

DIY No-Sew Crystal Spider Web Costume | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Looking for a non-traditional costume this Halloween? Try this Crystal Spider Web Costume. I found this cool DIY no-sew Crystal Spider Web Costume tutorial on Youtube yesterday and it looked so gorgeous I had to try it. It was basically a Bustier with glued on strips of rhinestones fashioned into a spider web. I had a Halloween Party to go to and I really hadn’t planned to wear a costume, because I wanted to look feminine and sexy and not scary or funny, so a traditional costume was out of the question. When I saw the costume in this tutorial, I knew I had found the best of both worlds. I would get to be totally in the spirit of the Autumn holiday, but I could look stylish and chic at the same time.  I am so into this DIY Crystal Spider Web Costume, I’m planning on wearing it with leather pants like the girl in the video. Just remember when buying your corset you want one with as little stretch as possible so that the trim won’t pop when you stretch it on, I learned that the hard way and I ended up having to get another one, luckily my friend had an old one exactly like I needed that didn’t fit her anymore, so I didn’t have to buy one. The one I used had hooks in the back only, so that was the only area that stretched so it was perfect. Also, make sure and let your glue dry for 24 hours, so start your project the day before.


The night I wore it I couldn’t have asked for a better reception, everyone at the party loved it and thought I had paid a  fortune for it! I danced all night and made so many new friends in my chic Crystal Spider Web Top, I have orders for 10 more. Moral of the story, be careful if your DIY is as cute as this because you will be talked into making more.



  • 10-yard spool of Single Row Crystal Trim
  • Power tac Glue
  • Precision syringe
  • Wire Cutters

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