DIY New Years Eve Confetti Piñata

DIY New Years Eve Confetti Piñata | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by HGTV Handmade via YouTube


This DIY disco ball confetti pinata by HGTV Handmade on YouTube is a creative idea to make if you’re having a New Year’s Eve party, and it adds a nice touch to the occasion. I think this would be a fun way to stuff small champagne or small alcohol bottles into the pinata. It would make the party entertaining and still add fun playfulness to the party. It would be a unique way to add anything inside that would make the New Year such as adding little fortunes for everyone to pick and read too. This DIY lets you be creative, and it’s not that hard to make, but I think it can be time-consuming if done alone.



  • paper lantern
  • ribbon
  • ruler
  • hole puncher
  • metallic tissue paper
  • fringe scissors
  • regular scissors
  • double-sided tape
  • pinata stuffers (candy, confetti, and anything else)


First, start off by cutting the tissue paper with about 3″ length and 2″ width. The squares do not have to be perfect. Fringe the squares about halfway using the special scissors. Repeat this until finished with all of the tissue paper. Note that you may need a lot depending on the size of the pinata. Use tissue paper to seal the bottom of the lantern so that the pinata stuffers do not come out.

How To Make A Pinata- How To Make a New Years Eve Pinata - DIY New Years Eve Decor
Image by HGTV Handmade via YouTube


Next, continue to watch HGTV Handmade tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details. Make sure to cover the whole lantern with the metallic fringe paper, and stuff it with your candy and confetti.

DIY Paper Lanterns - Handmade Disco Balls - Easy Confetti Decor
Image by HGTV Handmade via YouTube

Note: remove the wire from the paper lantern because the ribbons will get caught once you pull down. Overall, I think this New Year’s Eve disco pinata would add a personal touch to the party, and you can make this kid-friendly by adding treats only.

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