Dollar Tree DIY Mop Slippers

Dollar Tree DIY Mop Slippers | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Clean Freak & Germaphobe via YouTube


Dollar Tree has so many items and crafts that are affordable for DIYs. These mop slippers by Clean Freak & Germaphobe on YouTube can be made inexpensive with items from Dollar Tree. You can make your own mop shoes, and it would be convenient to clean any mess on the floor without having the bend over. I would love these mop slippers because I hate mopping and this will get the job done for minor spills. Plus, it can make mopping fun. You can make these for your kids and maybe they wouldn’t mind mopping without all of the hard work. This DIY is less than $5 and they are comfy to wear while mopping around the house. It would be easy to make a few of these if you have more than one kid so they can work together to mop or you can mop together with these as a family.



  • Dollar Tree slippers
  • Dollar Tree microfiber wash mitts
  • spray glue
  • marker


First, cut the microfiber gloves open flat. Then, outline the slippers with a marker to the size of the slipper bottom.

How To Make Mop Slippers - Easy Slippers Tutorial - DIY Mop
Image by Clean Freak & Germaphobe via YouTube

Next, spray glue the bottom of the slippers and attach the mop to the surface. Then, I would let it dry a little for it to stick before using.

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Image by Clean Freak & Germaphobe via YouTube

Overall, I don’t think these mop slippers would last long if you’re rubbing them roughly onto the floor, but with great care, I think they can last long. Plus, I think these mop slippers would work well by dusting the dirt off the floor or minor spills. They’re super easy and cute to make, and I wouldn’t mind wearing them as normal slippers because they look comfy. You can clean the floor while just walking about in them.

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