This Creative Mason Jar Craft Will Have You Wondering Who You Can Make One For

This Creative Mason Jar Craft Will Have You Wondering Who You Can Make One For | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is such a clever idea not only for kids, but adults as well! Mason jars have so many beneficial purposes!  This particular DIY project certainly helps you to keep track of our spending habits!  I know that I, as an adult, can benefit from this as well! I’m really bad about not knowing where my money went!


Besides the typical jam and pickle that you put in Mason jars, they make great organizers, holders, and keepers. Transform mason jars into flower or vegetation pots and hang or stand them. Create hand painted lamps or lanterns, lace-covered candle holders or votive, or simply make a whole chandelier with as many jars as you can get hold of! I could go on and on about the uses for these fabulous jars. As a matter of fact, I just put up a post for mason jar chandeliers that you should definitely check out on this page! It’s remarkable!

Time With Thea, blogger, recently wrote the article “Different Ways to Teach Children Financial Literacy At Home”  and she says” sharing a variety of doable and practical ideas that we as parents can do with our children to help them learn about earning, budgeting, spending and saving money. This is a really hard concept and skill to learn and we may as well start teaching it from an early age.”

Another great idea for Mason jars is to start a Vacation Fund! I know that if I didn’t do this I’d never be able to afford to go on a vacation, but you’ll be surprised how much you can save when you start putting a few dollars, here and there, into it!

Watch how The Sorry Girls does this DIY project in their step by step tutorial so you can start saving some money!





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