DIY Mask Dispenser

DIY Mask Dispenser | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you are anything like me, your purse is full of random masks just lying around with no organization. Well, that is about to change. This DIY Mask Dispenser video by Drink and Sew Things has changed my mask organization for good. No more fumbling around through your purse, backpack or car for masks, you can now simply keep them in your mask dispenser bag.


Materials Needed For This DIY Project:

  • Zipper
  • Fleece Fabric
  • Something To Cut With
  • Sewing Machine

Step One

Cut your fleece to the measurements expressed in the Drink and Sew Things Youtube Video down below. 

Step Two

Install your sewing machine’s zipper foot on the right side. Be sure it’s on the right side to start so you can sew more on the left. There is a hack in the video to easily sew the end of the zipper on.

Step Three

Align and pin your fleece to the zipper.

Mask Zipper Pouch - Easy Sewing Project

Image by. Drink and Sew Things via YouTube video.

Step Four

Sew the first side of the zipper on the fabric. Repeat step three and pin the opposite side, then sew.

Step Five

Unzip your zipper, and flip the fabric inside out. Pin the fabric together to sew the rest of the bag. 

Step Six

Sew around the bag edges with a 1/2  inch seam allowance on the sides and ¾ seam allowance on the bottom. 

Mask Dispenser Pouch - Easy Sewing Project

Image by. Drink and Sew Things via YouTube video.


Step Seven

Turn the bag right side out

Step Eight

Cut the slits in the bag for mask dispensing. 

How To Make A Mask Dispenser Bag

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