Watch How He Creates This Fabulous Twinkling Branches Room Divider (Sensational!)

Watch How He Creates This Fabulous Twinkling Branches Room Divider (Sensational!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Trees with twinkle lights really add to the cozy, festive atmosphere of a neighborhood, and now you can bring a bit of that magic indoors! Make your own lovely twinkling branches room divider with this fantastic new video tutorial from Mark Montano!


This would be a perfect backdrop for a holiday display or a great way to distinguish between party and non-party areas of your home during holiday gatherings…it’s magical!

We’ve come a long way in lighting up our homes. Sure, electricity helped make it possible, but interior design enthusiasts have gone beyond just utility and allowed lighting to become an extension of our decorating personalities. Get in on the fun with this bright idea! Let there be light!

I love including nature in my decor, and I’m always looking for unique decorating ideas that you don’t find in every other house on the block… This is where the tree branches come in! Using branches in decorating is a genius phenomenon. They have amazing texture, are a natural sculpture, and allow us to bring the beauty of nature into our homes. They work equally well in modern homes as they do in a traditional or a rustic home, and most of the time they are even free! Throw in the benefit of the upcycling element. I think we have a winner in the decorating arena and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Watch how Mark Montano does this fabulous DIY project in his step by step tutorial!

Can we say stunning? What an amazing way to put some

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