Watch How He Makes This Brilliant Lego Key Holder That’s Quite Unique!

Watch How He Makes This Brilliant Lego Key Holder That’s Quite Unique! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

This is such a clever idea that I just had to share it with everybody! Most of us have kids who at one time loved their Legos that you’re not sure what to do with, now that they have grown out of playing with them…if not, I’m sure you could pick some up at a garage sale or thrift store. I think this is such a unique DIY project I know that a lot of you are gonna get excited about!


Just remember how many times you lost your keys in your house. Why not have an extra key holder if you have one already. And is certainly more interesting that your ordinary key holder!

Not every Lego creation needs to follow the manual. Sometimes not doing things by the book can lead to some pretty incredible builds.

Most people typically think of Lego as toys, however these multi-colored building blocks are so much more than just play things.

As children, Legos helped inspire the way in which we viewed the world. We could be an architect, city planner, or inventor.

Today, people have found endless new and interesting ways to make fun and practical uses of these tiny bricks, gears, wheels and other pieces.

These make great gifts for friends…I believe most of us would love to have one of these off the wall looking lego key holders!

Watch how Davehax does this in his step by step tutorial and get those Legos out of the attic!

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