She Buys Candle Holders And Plates At The Dollar Store And Makes Darling Jewelry Stands!

She Buys Candle Holders And Plates At The Dollar Store And Makes Darling Jewelry Stands! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I am always looking for stylish and creative ways to keep things like my jewelry organized, and I noticed one of these in a photo that I saw on Pinterest the other day, so I was inspired to try to make my own. I knew it was the perfect DIY when I realized it only required 3 different items and only took 5 minutes to do…so I thought it would be perfect to share with you guys!


Whether you have a lot of jewelry or not, these jewelry stands are just too adorable and look so cute on a dresser. These are great for putting your watch, rings and earrings in, after a long day.

I have a lot of jewelry, so I made two of these to sit on a stand in my bathroom and I just love them! I do have a jewelry armoire, but it’s just more convenient to put the jewelry that I use most often in these. After a long day I take them off in my bathroom and have nice place to put them. So glue together those lovely thrift store finds for a one of a kind jewelry catch all!

Some women use coffee cups, instead of plates and use them to hold make up and makeup brushes. It adds so much more flair to your bathroom than sticking them in a jar!

You can also make these to put treats on for parties or just for every day on your kitchen counter. These are so cheap & EASY to make, but look beautiful & expensive when finished.

You could use plastic or resin plates for a more casual look or go fancy with some pretty ceramic or china ones!

Watch how Michele Baratta does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one of these too!



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