DIY Indoor Ball Planter Tutorial

DIY Indoor Ball Planter Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: SRG CRAFTS via YouTube


Are you looking for a project where you can recycle your plastic bottles? Look no more, SRG CRAFTS has the perfect project for you. This DIY indoor planter only uses old plastic bottles, plastic balls, and basic crafting materials. It’s fast, easy, and will make any space livelier.


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This planter is the perfect weekend project to do with your friends or family; especially if you’re into recycling and repurposing things. You’re not only reducing plastic bottles in your home, but you are helping the environment overall. Grab your materials now and start making this gorgeous DIY indoor hanging planter! Learn how to make it by watching the video tutorial below for the step by step instructions, or continue reading down for the complete written steps.


  • hard plastic balls
  • plastic bottles
  • hot glue gun
  • coir rope
  • plastic rope
  • permanent marker
  • any circle object (for tracing)
  • cutter
  • scissors


Step 1

Trace a circle in the plastic ball, then carefully cut it using a cutter. Once done, go ahead and slowly wrap it with the coir rope all around with hot glue. After this, put a hole on the top side and set it aside. Repeat these steps to make two more pieces.

Wrapping the plastic ball with coir rope
Image credits: SRG CRAFTS via YouTube

Step 2

Once you have all three pieces, connect them together using the plastic rope through the holes. Then, make a hang at the end after you’ve connected all three. Next, grab the plastic bottles and cut them in half. Take the bottom halves and insert one on each ball planter. Hang the planter in your designated area, pour some water on each ball, then add the water plants. Your DIY ball planter is now finished!

Inserting a plastic bottle on each plastic ball
Image credits: SRG CRAFTS via YouTube

DIY Indoor Ball Planters Tutorial

DIY Indoor Ball Planter Tutorial

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