Watch How She Creates The Look Of Huge Eyes – 8 Tricks You Never Knew!

Watch How She Creates The Look Of Huge Eyes – 8 Tricks You Never Knew! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Ever wonder how to make small eyes look bigger?  Well it turns out, all you need is some makeup and some know-how and Aly Art shows us how to get this look!

Tip 1


Apply concealer around eyes.  Water-resistant, light foundation  kind of color.  The idea is to remove natural shadows on your face to create a new shape.  Lighten on the sides of your nose where it is darkest around your eye.

Tip 2

Apply matte white eyeshadow (or any light color you like) on entire lid.  The reason you use matte is so you are not reflecting the light and showing your natural curves and eye shape.

Tip 3

Apply neutral matte eyeshadow ABOVE the crease.  Blend well upwards.

Tip 4

Apply natural eyeshadow on the lower lid that mimics the color of you natural shadow.  Basically, you are sculpting your eye shape.

Tip 5

With a wet, thin brush, apply dark brown or grey shadow on lash line.  Go very close to lashes to create the natural look.  If your eyes are close together do not go down to the center of the eye.  For normal eye distance, you can prolong the line past the  center of the eye.  Also, prolong on the outer corners of eye.  Then connect to a lower shadow below the eye.

Tip 6

Apply white mascara.  2 layers on the upper lid and 3 layers on the lower lid.  Let dry.

Tip 7

Use any volumizing mascara.  When removing the applicator from the bottle push it all the way to one side.  This way you have lots of mascara on one side of the brush and very little on the other side.  Apply with the side with lots of mascara.  Do not apply to the roots of you lashes but only on the tips.  About 1 or 2 mm away from lid.

Tip 8

Draw the last lash.  Find the last lash, mimic it and go in the same direction but pulling it a little bit longer.

Watch how Aly Art does this in her step by step tutorial so you can make your eyes look bigger and brighter!

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