She Shows Us How To Alter A Men’s Shirt To A Woman’s Shape And It’s So Easy!

She Shows Us How To Alter A Men’s Shirt To A Woman’s Shape And It’s So Easy! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re anything like me, I love men’s shirts! I was so excited to learn how to alter them to make them more fitted and stylish!

Men’s collared shirts are in style these days. They are versatile, comfortable, and can easily dress up a casual outfit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many, and the ones that I did have were my husband’s. But, if you do have some men’s shirts, this is a great way to recycle them!


So I decided to check out my local thrift store in search of men’s shirts to find some so I could alter it more to my body shape. If I’m really honest…my husband was getting tired of me ripping off his shirts! This way I can have my very own and they will actually fit me!

When I was overweight, men’s shirts were my go-to tops, but now that I’ve lost 40 lbs, I don’t want to hide my shape anymore!

The photo shows the man-shirt before altering. I bought one on half-off at the thrift store for $3. It was pretty big and shapeless.  But it has good arm length and fun, unusual pockets, so I was hoping for some potential. It’s important to choose a shirt that isn’t way too big in the collar or arm-length because those are not easily altered.
The altering process is so quick and easy. If you are a newbie to sewing, this would be a good way to get your feet wet!
Watch how FashionToppings does this in their step by step tutorial and bring out those big shirts!

Photo Credit: So Much To Make

A special thanks to So Much To Make for the use of their photo of altering a mans shirt. Check out their blog site for more incredible information!

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