29 Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas

29 Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Looking for rustic DIY home decor ideas and vintage country crafts projects? The Do It Yourself shabby chic look is certainly one of the most charming and popular looks around, and for good reason. Vintage decor is warm, romantic and unique. Plus, country crafts and furnishings need not be terribly expensive, and if you follow our DIY tips, you should be able to decorate your whole house these creative rustic decor tutorials. We have done our best to make sure to include all the major staples of rustic country living decor, too – chalk paint, twigs and sticks, repurposed wood and pallets, upcycled items, burlap, yarn and twine, thrift store items, old windows and doors, plus an assortment of other country craft type odds and ends. I think we left out chicken wire. Maybe next time…


DIY Home Decor Ideas

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DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Marbled Terra Cotta Pots

DIY Country Crafts | Rustic Terra Cotta Pots
DIY Country Crafts | Rustic Terra Cotta Pots

I just love this tutorial, if only because it gives me an excuse to mix up all kinds of colors of paint and feel like a little kid again. Pretty incredible effect for what is really a very simple paint job where you dot on different colors of paint, then blend away for rustic DIY garden decor. One of my favorite new DIY ideas for my patio, which I have enjoyed all summer. My plants are beautiful in my colorfully painted pots.

Check out the full tutorial here to learn how >

2. Cross Stitch Pegboard Heart

Rustic DIY Decor Ideas | Cross stitch Pegboard

Check out the full tutorial here at The Rustic Willow>

3. Upcycled Utensil Caddy 

This upcycled silverware caddy is really very simple to make and one of the cutest things I have ever seen made from old tin cans. (I especially love the paint color here, and am so excited to see that major spray paint brands are coming out with colors like this. I like mixing paint, but simple and mess free is better!) This serving idea is a perfect DIY gift for hostess ideas, housewarming gifts, presents for family and parents.

DIY Silverware Caddy Painted Tin Cans
Rustic Vintage Decor Ideas – DIY Silverware Caddy Made With Painted Tin Cans

DIY Silverware Caddy - Rustic Home Decor Projects
Check out the full tutorial here >
(the site is in Portugese, but Google translate does a fine job converting to English)


4. Vintage Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier - Vintage Home Decor IdeasDIY Mason Jar Chandelier - Vintage Home Decor Ideas

This guy is my hero. I had always wondered if there were a good way to transform a cheap gold chandelier into something DIY and cool looking. (Sadly, I was too afraid to ruin my tacky gold chandelier with an attempt on this one!) Incredible, absolutely incredible DIY vintage lighting. Wow.

If you check out the whole tutorial, you will see they added the mason jars over the bulbs, then decided it looked better without. Looks great either way.

Who is not to love this mason jar chandelier? In my opinion, a perfect blend of rustic with a modern country flair when you add a colorful paint.

Check out the full tutorial here >

5. Do It Yourself Wood Slice Picture Frame

DIY Wood Slice Picture Frame | Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Check out the original tutorial here>

This DIY picture frame idea is both fun and simple to make. In case you don’t already know, I am a fan of DIY projects that are “no fail,” basically ones that are hard to mess up. This one definitely falls into that class. No matter how you place your wood slices, this picture frame is sure to turn out looking great, plus it is a super way to showcase both your creativity and call attention to your best photos with an out of the ordinary black frame like you see everywhere. I put two of these on my bedside table in my bedroom and it is amazing the difference it made in adding to the warmth of my bedroom decor.

6. Pallet wine rack

DIY Pallet Wine Rack | Do It Yourself Home Decor Ideas

Check out the full tutorial here>

Looking for an easy beginner pallet project that is not a planter or coffee table? So was I. I was also looking to add some rustic charm to my kitchen, which previously had none. Hanging a pallet wine rack on the wall definitely did the trick, plus it gave me a place to put my wine glasses when the cabinet got overcrowded.

7. Pallet Word Art Sign
DIY Pallet Sign Tutorial | Pallet Word Art - Be Grateful

I just love this DIY pallet sign. I have seen lots of pallet signs (who hasn’t?) but this is by far my favorite, in the way the text is painted, the script used, the way the sign is built and stained, and then the words themselves, “Be Grateful.”

The step by step tutorial from Infarrantly Creative is also well done and includes easy to follow instructions with photos.

Check out the tutorial here >

If you want more DIY Pallet sign ideas, be sure to also check out this list of pallet sign ideas and also our tutorial for making a pallet sign:

30 Rustic DIY Wood Pallet Art Ideas Your Walls Absolutely Need

8. DIY Letters with Twigs

How To Make DIY Letters With Twigs - Tutorial and How To

Full tutorial for making twig letters can be found here >


9. DIY Chalkboard Labels

DIY Chalkboard Labels for Jars - How To Make Chalkboard Labels Tutorial for Crafts Projects

Step by step tutorial for making DIY chalkboard labels here >


10. Do It Yourself Twig Candle Holder

Twig Candle Holder Tutorial - How To


Check out the full tutorial here >

11. DIY Driftwood mirror

Easy DIY Projects | Driftwood Mirror Tutorial and Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Learn how to make this here >

12 . Build A Rustic Mantle

This cool tutorial shows you how to install a wood mantle on a stone wall.

DIY Home Decor Ideas - Rustic Wood Mantel Tutorial
DIY Home Decor Ideas – Rustic Wood Mantel Tutorial

Remodelaholic, as always, does an amazing job on the step by step How To with super photos and instructions.

Check out the full tutorial here > 

13. DIY Pallet Sign Quote

DIY Pallet Sign Tutorial | Believe There Is Good In The World Quote
DIY Pallet Sign Tutorial | Believe There Is Good In The World Quote

Not all pallet sign tutorials were created equal. This creative sign has two quotes instead of just one with the clever yellow and white color play for the text ” Believe There Is Good In The World.” Better yet, the tutorial for this DIY project shows you how to build the sign properly (not all of them do) Then, they also shows you exactly how to make an amazing looking pallet quote sign. I like the yellow and white color combination for this DIY wall art idea but you could definitely customize yours to fit your home decor. An awesome idea for a guest bathroom, entry way, kitchen or dining room, but this wooden pallet sign would work pretty much anywhere in the house.

Check out the full tutorial here 


14. Clever Clothespin Crafts

DIY Crafts - Clothespin Planter Tutorial and Rustic Home Decor Ideas

DIY Crafts Ideas - Clothespin Candle Holder Tutorial and Rustic Home Decor

Check out the easy instructions here >

This is a fun dollar store craft that is quick, cheap, easy and hard to mess up. I love this one for kids and adults alike. Looking for a quick idea to decorate your dorm room or dress up a plant or candle you are giving as a gift? This do it yourself idea is a perfect choice. Feeling extra creative? Stain the clothpins to create a more weathered look.

15. Rustic Bench DIY

DIY Home Decor Projects - Rustic Entry Bench Tutorial

Check out the step by step here >

16. Rag Rug

DIY Rag Rugs are so easy to make, and this project is fun for all ages. This is a super fun craft project for kids to help with. Equally nice is the fact that you get to use scraps, so you can get rid of those cute fabric bits you have had trouble letting go of.

This DIY is perfect for little girls rooms. My daughter had so much fun making this cute DIY with me, just like the little girl in the photo!

How To Make A Rag Rug | Step by Step Tutorial and Instuctions

How To Make A Rag Rug | Step by Step Tutorial for Easy Home Decor Ideas

Check out the complete How To > 

17. Step Ladder Side Table

DIY Projects for the Home - End Table Made From Step Ladder
DIY Projects for the Home – End Table Made From Step Ladder

Check out the Step by Step Tutorial here > 

18. Crafty Driftwood Sailboats

DIY Crafts for the Home | Rustic Driftwood Sailboats Tutorial

Learn how to make these rustic crafts here >


19. DIY Pallet Bed Frame

DIY Pallet Bed Tutorial for Rustic Home Decor Ideas

Relatively easy to and DIY bed tutorial for a bed frame made from wooden pallets. The instructions and photos can be found at a cute little site called Couple Jones, where they have some other really really cute projects, including sewing.

Check out the tutorial here

20. Pallet Coffee Table


See the tutorial

21. Rustic Mirror


Learn How To Make It

22. Bathroom Towel Rack Window


Neat idea for a unique rustic towel rack – DIY project made from a repurposed old window and chalk paint.

Click here for the step by step instructions 


23. Twine wrapped cabinet pulls


24. Burlap cutout signs

29 Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas diy-rustic-signs-burlap

I just love word art. It lets you express so many statements and showcase what is important to you. Also gives you a simple way to easily add to your country vintage charm when you make these simple burlap letters. Try your names or use the name of a friend or loved one to give this framed DIY art as a gift. Burlap cut out signs only look hard to make, but this tutorial assures me they are not.

25. Rope Wrapped lamp

29 Rustic DIY Home Decor Ideas | diy-twine-lamp-tutorial
Learn How To Make This Lamp

Here is a super simple way to make your living room or bedroom lamp less ordinary. Simply wrap it in rope. Really! Who knew? An easy to follow tutorial shows you how to get this rustic decor in your home. Ultra cheap and cool. We love it!

26. Rustic Barnwood Headboard

DIY Home Decor Projects - Barnwood Headboard

Tutorial for this Bed 

I want this in my bedroom (along with this super romantic looking bedding and the cool boots!) Barnwood is super popular right now and for good reason. The look is so simple, yet gives your room a whole different feel when you incorporate this weathered, distressed look. Learn how to make a headboard with this step by step tutorial and instructions.

27. Industrial bedroom tray
DIY Home Decor Projects - Pipe Handled Bed Tray

This industrial DIY is creatively cool and also functional. Make a bedroom tray with pipes and repurposed wood. Forget buying a boring basic one or a slick modern version – make this project this weekend and then enjoy breakfast in bed for the rest of the year!

28. Burlap Rose Wreath

DIY Home Decor Projects - Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Make This Flower Wreath with Burlap

Also try this look to add to your country home decor with this tutorial that shows you exactly how to make a burlap wreath:

DIY Rustic Home Decor Ideas - How To Make A Burlap Wreath Tutorial

29. DIY Pallet Wood Wall

Cheap and Easy DIY Wood Wall Sophisticated Design Interior

Learn How Here

Wood walls are very popular right now. Many of my friends have an accent wall they had installed by professionals. However, you can easily get this look without spending a ton of money by doing it yourself. You will need some time and lots of repurposed wood, but this is not nearly as difficult as I would have thought. A perfect weekend project for my new dining room, I think!

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DIY Home Decor Ideas for Creative Do It Yourself Rustic and Vintage Furniture and Accessories

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