DIY Hanging Planter Using Old Tires

DIY Hanging Planter Using Old Tires | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Green plants via Youtube


Put your old tires to good use by upcycling them into hanging planters like this one from Green plants on Youtube. These hanging planters are so easy to make, and you will only need basic materials for this project. This will make a good addition to your garden, or hang it on your patio for added greens. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to make one.



  • old bike tire
  • drill
  • black enamel paint
  • paintbrush
  • gum tape
  • soil (50% coco peat, 50% garden soil & compost)
  • money plant/pothos
  • nylon sponge
  • zip ties
  • nylon thread
  • hook for hanging
  • funnel


Step 1

To start, grab your old bike tire and drill some holes in one side for drainage. Next, flip the tire and make one hole for the watering funnel. After this, paint the tire with black enamel paint. Once the paint dries, put gum tape on the watering funnel hole and start filling the tire with soil in sections while planting the money plant.

Drilling holes through the old tire for the drainage of the hanging planter
Image credits: Green plants via Youtube


Step 2

After finishing a section, place a nylon sponge above the soil. (Cover the soil completely with the sponge to prevent the soil from draining out.) Repeat this process until you fill the whole tire pocket with soil and money plant. After this, tie six zip ties around the whole tire, then attach some nylon threads over it and make a knot on top to hang the planter. Don’t forget to attach a hook on the thread to hang the planter properly. Lastly, remove the gum tape and place the funnel in the hole.

Adding the soil and plants to the diy hanging planter using old tires
Image credits: Green plants via Youtube

DIY Hanging Planter Using Old Tires

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