Sewing Tutorial : Over The Doorknob Pouches

Sewing Tutorial : Over The Doorknob Pouches | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Learn how to make these fabric pouches that fit over a doorknob to hold keys and other odds and ends. With a step by step Youtube sewing tutorial, you can learn to make lots of them. I’m so excited about these little door pockets because I’m always looking for my keys and/or sunglasses! This way I can put them in this clever little door pocket that go over front doorknob and never have to look for them again! I just think this is so clever and has been a real time saver. It sure has cut back on my time from having to search every morning for one thing or another!


How many times have you walked out the door forgetting keys, wallet or other necessities – out of sight, out of mind? These Fabric Over the  Doorknob Pocket solves that problem! Simply add it on your door placing your items inside the convenient pocket, and as you walk out the door, just grab and go! What a brilliant idea!

We’ve all made these  door pockets this week and can’t get enough of them.  These are perfect for so many uses. Use one on the inside of your front door so that as you come home or leave the house you can drop off or pick up your keys or shopping list, bills to pay, letters to post etc.

Keep one on the bottom of the stairs for small things that you have to take up next time.

Add one each on the kids bedroom doors for toys that are to be put away.

Use one on the bathroom door for all your small toiletries, hairbrush, and all the little bits and pieces.

Watch Laura Coia from Sew Very Easy, in this step by step tutorial, as she sews these quick and easy bags that go over your door to keep miscellaneous yet necessary belongings.

Sewing Tutorial – How to Make Pouches That Fit Over A Doorknob

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