A “Girls Get Together Craft” and “Crafts to Make and Sell” Idea

A “Girls Get Together Craft” and “Crafts to Make and Sell” Idea | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

So I love getting together with my girlfriends, especially when we sew or get to craft things at the same time. If you’ve never invited a group of friends over to do this, I highly recommend you start now. One of my friends loves to do this and stumbled upon an idea while crafting that netted her some extra cash in the bank, so now I am looking for that money making craft idea as well.


Here is one DIY idea  to take note of:

A handmade handbag is almost never sold in stores, but always a top seller on online craft sites like Etsy. This project is a DIY bag that is so much fun to carry, adding a great pop of color to an outfit. Have you ever noticed that you feel better when you’re wearing something fun or carrying a bag that is different and brightly colored? I know that I do and that’s how this little bag will make many of you feel, when carrying it.  After getting oodles of comments, I decided to make a few for some of my family members for Christmas gifts.

These little bags are really easy to make and each one of them are a one of a kind. Everybody will have to have one! You can sit and weave these while watching TV, chatting with a friend, or waiting in a Doctor’s office! It’s a great little hobby and the end results are stunning!

It’s a really interesting and clever concept, the way they construct these bags. Once again, I’m left wondering who thinks this stuff up! Make sure to watch closely how they weave the cloth strips through the embroidery floss, or strong thread, they have tied around the cardboard with 15 slots at the top. You can add beautiful buttons for the closure and all kinds of fabulous embellishments!

DIY Handmade Handbags - How to Sew A Handbag or PurseI

f you have a lot of leftover scraps of materials, this is a great way to upcycle and repurpose them! Believe it or not, these jewels sell for $185 and up! This could be a great little enterprise for someone who is interested in selling them.

Watch as Jamie Malden shows you how to make these in her step by step tutorial so you can make these fabulous little bags!

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