DIY Halloween Mason Jars Hold Candy Or Tea Lights

DIY Halloween Mason Jars Hold Candy Or Tea Lights | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Don’t you just love Halloween and all of the fun DIY’s you can do for the holiday season? Mason jars are the perfect item to use when making decorations of any kind, but these wicked Mason jars are so much fun! We all tend to have a special affinity towards our beloved Mason jars.


These darling Mason jars can be stored and brought out every year for the Halloween festivities, unlike real pumpkins that have to be thrown away. Getting my decorations out, every year, is always so exciting and it’s like seeing them for the first time every year!

They are beyond easy – I may even go as far as to say they are pretty idiot proof! They took absolutely no time at all and will be perfect to decorate outside or inside! They would make a great table decoration or line your porch with them! You can also use tea lights in these!

You might be thinking…”how do I paint the inside of a Mason jar?” Well, you simply pour the paint in the jar and swirl it around until the inside of the jar is covered in paint! Yep, it’s that easy! My favorite types of DIY projects!

The night can bring magic and wonder to the Halloween season. Give in to this enchanting season and create haunting luminaries that look great either in the dark or in the light! Start saving used jars that you can recycle for this budget friendly craft! Even if you’re not an artist, you can create creepy custom designs using our free printable templates full of spooky characters!

Watch how Allison Anderson does this great DIY project in her step by step tutorial!

DIY Halloween Mason Jars





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