She Makes A Stunning Glittery Pumpkin Candle Holder For A Glam Holiday Season…

She Makes A Stunning Glittery Pumpkin Candle Holder For A Glam Holiday Season… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Who doesn’t love sparkly things? I really love these glitter clad pumpkins. How cute are these pumpkins coated in simmering silver glitter with a candle inside! I love the charm they add to a mantel or fall centerpiece and how the light reflects off the glitter. I would totally love to glam up my Thanksgiving table with these silver (or gold) glitter pumpkins!


My husband laughs at me when fall hits every year because it means the return of my pumpkin obsession…what isn’t there to love? There’s the cute rounded shape, the yummy flavors, the shades of fall colors — I’d happily make pumpkins a year round thing. I got really tickled when I was browsing on Pinterest and saw dessert themed pumpkins…I must check into that! But, for now, I think pumpkins need some bling!

I’m always amazed with all the cool things people do to decorate their pumpkins. It’s such a fun time of the year! A simple pumpkin that has been covered in glue and epsom salt is remarkably beautiful. I just wonder who thinks this stuff up?! I’ve even seen pumpkins that were covered in fishnet stockings with spider feet attached and a set of eyes!

These glitter candle pumpkins are being used for fall wedding decor and they are stunning! They are also using smaller glitter pumpkins to put place cards in (the stem) and on the table. I think these are fabulous ideas, so keep this in mind if you happen to be planning a fall wedding!

This simple craft will get you in the mood to kick off the Fall season. Place these pumpkins on your doorstep, mantle, or arrange them in a beautiful table scape. They are classic, and will never go out of style so keep them year after year and add to them with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Watch how Lisa Pullano makes this glamorous pumpkin candle holder in her step by step tutorial.





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