She Shows Us How To Hang A Fabulous Gallery Art Wall In Our Homes (Watch!)

She Shows Us How To Hang A Fabulous Gallery Art Wall In Our Homes (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I’ve always loved the looks of gallery walls because they add so much visual interest to a space.  There are many different types of gallery walls.  Some are symmetrical and structured with matching frames, and assuming you have the wall space, you can add to them over time by just continuing to expand the shape.


As I’ve learned, even though wall galleries sometimes look haphazard and random, they are actually carefully crafted so that there is a visual balance in terms of both weight and color.

The look that I’m going for is a collected look, like this example (I’ve pictured) in this post, that has a common color scheme, but a mixture of prints and art, different frames, and other wall decor added to the mix.

Hobby Lobby has all kinds of great things to hang on the wall and mix in with art. I’ve got a large gallery in my living room, but plan on adding a few things that aren’t framed art, to make it more interesting.

I love the cozy warm feeling of art arranged in a gallery on a wall. Although, starting a collection of anything can be daunting, let alone art, but the key thing to remember is that collections take a little time.

This is a fun project that does, so watch their step by step tutorial so you can get ideas on how to build your own art gallery wall!

Photo Credit: Lillian Hope Designs

A special thanks to Lillian Hope Designs for the use of their photo of their gallery art hanging. Make sure to check out their blog site for more fabulous ideas!

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