She Shows Us How To Get Fuller Lips Without Lip Injections!

She Shows Us How To Get Fuller Lips Without Lip Injections! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Full, pouty, plump lips…we all want them, but we’re not all born with Angelina’s plumped pout. But don’t worry, you can achieve that pouty look instantly and I’m not asking you to book an appointment with a surgeon for fillers because they are risky. With some makeup and some tips and tricks you can actually get bigger and fuller lips naturally.


Desi Perkins is gonna show us how to achieve the same look without the needles. This certainly got my attention! I’ve been longing for fuller lips.

I’ve read that some gals brush their lips with a toothbrush, put cinnamon with sugar and coconut oil on their lips and some of them suck on little jars the size that only covers their lips. Most of these gals do all of the above. Apparently this makes the stimulates the blood and gives a pouty look. Right now, I’m gonna stick with Desi’s instructions.

My daughter has naturally full lips and really long eyelashes to boot. I’m not sure where the large pouty lips came from, but she is a natural beauty…if I don’t say so myself!

Using the lip liner of your choice, line your top and bottom lips. The key is to apply it right on top of your natural lip line, exaggerating it ever so slightly. Be sure to use a freshly sharpened pencil; the point will be helpful for placing the color directly on top of your natural lip line. Feather the color in a bit at the outer corners. Don’t extend the color all the way along the bottom lip. Some people leave the center bare. This makes the bottom lip look heavy and pouty, so you have the option to do this.

Watch Desi Perkins step by step tutorial and try these techniques!




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